Welcome to my blog ECMP 355

I created this blog last March in the idea that I would begin writing more.  As you can see that worked out splendidly, with the lone post I wrote.  For the sake of trying to not be repetitive I will ask that for my introduction you can click-on-over to the “about me” page and go from there.  As for this “first post” of ECMP 355 let’s go over some of my views of technology in the classroom.

First instinct reaction: “Yeah no, no way. It is so unnecessary. Kids have been learning without it for decades and we have turned out fine.”

Upon further thought and discussion with one of my friends who is in her 3rd year of the Education program I have realized that may have been a rash and “black or white” preemptive opinion. Technology in the classroom is not in itself a bad idea. I do not agree on the over dependence I see of teachers using that technology. There are definitely a lot of beneficial uses for technology to ASSIST in teaching concepts and helping to better understand certain things, though there is a lot of misuse as well.  My friend was telling me about a young boy she watches at work (at a daycare) who told her he spent all day playing games on the computer at school. She asked what he was playing, if it helped with math or reading or anything else, to which he replied: “Well, it might have had a little bit of math, but mostly just for fun.”  Now I’m not sure of the exact circumstances of what he had been playing or if it was a special day or something, but if the kids are not learning or practicing or making something useful with the technologies provided, they are not being properly used and are not really benefiting the kids.

To sum it up: If kids want to play computer games or something else, they can do so at home on their own time. If they are “not allowed” or can’t at home, it is likely for a reason and they probably should not be at school either. There is so much out there to help kids understand and learn but it has to be used properly for it to actually be beneficial.


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