Capturing Spirits

(Writing prompt: How do we capture the spirit of open, networked, and participatory communities in our leaning experience?)

Aside from typical answers, such as twitter and online blogs and communication with teachers, we can capture truly open and networked experiences in many ways.

One that I hope to use in my future is more than just the students communicating with the instructor (perhaps me one day) but also with the other students and instructors from other schools in the school board or system. In this way they are communicating not only with their classmates, but also with other kids in their community and area, and the educators can also compile FAQs, information, and the best strategies to use for the specific grade they teach. This could also be expanded provincially or nationally, and be used to highlight and disperse discoveries made at the classroom level in the national spotlight.

For entertainment’s sake I feel it necessary to include my older brother’s reply to this question when I asked him, looking for insight (keep in mind he is an engineer). “With a dream catcher!” and, if you are familiar with the TV show Supernatural, “or with SALT!!” He is brilliant.


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