Fragile or Dramatic?

Now it has been awhile since my last work-related posted, oh the joys of childcare. I inevitably have many more entertaining stories, but I feel as though this should be shared first.

So London, the youngest girl (who is also one of the two kids who return after school) has made herself known to be a bit of a tantrum-thrower – awesome. At least I caught on to this early on. My first hint: it was her dad’s birthday and he was there to pick her up. I offhandedly suggested that she and Hastings sing happy birthday for him, to which Hastings decided that he did not want to and would instead let us do the singing and he would follow-up with a special performance. Now I am not a singer, or at least I do not sing happy birthday – I have a thing – long story short, once London realized she was singing a solo she was not too impressed. She stopped mid-song and went storming off saying we lied to her because she thought we were going to sing with her. Her dad quickly dealt with his distressed child and took her on her way. My second hint: later that same week, London and Hastings were playing in the gym with some bouncy balls. My supervisor-overseer-figure came in and told London that someone special was waiting for her and it was time to go. London became immediately excited to see who this special mystery person was, but as she approached the room where they get picked up she became visibly disappointed with who it was. Once again she stormed off, floodgates opened, and said that my supervisor had lied to her because she thought that someone special meant that her mom was picking her up instead of her dad. I felt bad for this poor dad who had basically just been slapped in the face by his 5-year-old daughter. Nevertheless he took over her situation and off they went. Since then there have been many-a-day with London breakdowns, but so far I have found that the tough-love sort of relationship is working fairly well with handling those instances.

The point of this post? Well I suppose it is mostly the reminder that kids take everything that you say incredibly literally and will believe everything you say. If you say you are going to do something, then you best make sure you will actually do it. It is also important to remember that everyone has breakdowns and just needs to get it all out now and then. Now if it is a frequent occurrence something might need to be dealt with, but every now and again is normal. Lastly, do not let kids get away with everything they want just because they start crying. I feel sorry for the parents who do, we will see how they last in 10 years.


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