Think Critically – People Suck

Ridiculousness, and I do not mean in the funny TV show way. I mean I am completely dumbfounded at how society is developing. In actuality I should not be that surprised, realistically we all see how sexually focused society is becoming. That it is not just accepting provocative behaviour, but it is actually being encouraged and endorsed. Unfortunately it is not something people bring up in everyday conversations.

Quick recap: Sext up Kids is a short documentary about the increasingly sexualized image of women being portrayed to kids and how it is affecting not only their self perception, but also boy’s perceptions of girls and sex. Now, I realize this is not a light topic but I encourage everyone to watch this documentary (about 45 mins long).

Something that really struck a chord with me in the video was the statement made that if you want to be seen, you have to present yourself as a sexual object. If you choose not to expose yourself then you are basically choosing to be invisible. This sort of “black-or-white” thinking is really bothersome to me. I will take this moment to thank my mom, I do not know how she did it, but I think she did a mighty fine job raising me. Being raised in a Christian family, I was always taught the importance of values, morals, and self-worth. While yes, in high school, there was pressure in my life to degrade myself and to try to attract boys with my body, I never felt the need to do so. It is not that I did not want the attention, realistically what young adolescent girl does not want a cute guy’s attention, I just realized there are so many other ways to go about getting it. I know this will sound cheesy but girls (if there are any that might ever read this): you do not have to make yourself up into the sexualized idea of what being attractive is made into. It is better to have an attractive personality that radiates through your external appearance and shows confidence and value. Following up with that, the documentary also stated the issue of kids sexting and sending nude pictures or posting them online. First of all, really?!? Maybe it if just me, but I do not understand how anyone in their right mind thinks that it is appropriate to be posting those pictures online (typically on social media) for everyone in the world to see. It does not matter what your privacy settings are, it is called the WORLD-WIDE-WEB for a reason! Second, people need to stop and think critically for even 5 seconds to consider “Wait, if I send this picture to someone they can instantly go and sent it to anyone else or post it anywhere without my knowledge or consent. Should I really do this?” Even just taking those pictures pose the risk that what if your phone or computer gets hacked (anything ever connected to a data connection can be), or if it gets unknowingly added to Dropbox or iCloud? What then? A clever comparison I thought of is that the use of cell phones and internet is kind of like being read your Miranda rights, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law…etc.” the rest is irrelevant. In the case of technology though it could be “You have the right to remain silent (technologically). Anything you make into a digital copy can and will be used against you in your future for the rest of your life…”

The main idea I would like to end with is that people are, and always will, be looking for ways to make you feel worthless and ways to hold you back. Do not hand it to them on a silver platter. The internet is the permanent record of your life.

Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Photo Credit: ToGa Wanderings via Compfight cc


2 thoughts on “Think Critically – People Suck

  1. I like your comment about stopping for a few seconds to think about a photo before sending it out to a friend or posting it on the web. I think that so many kids miss this step, heck, sometimes I miss this step! Granted I have a pretty small group of friends who I totally trust wouldn’t use a silly photo against me, but many kids are often sharing more than just a silly photo. I’ve seen a lot of T.H.I.N.K. posters that are made for classrooms and I think that the same message could apply to sending information via text or on the web!


  2. I had the same feelings of frustration and dumbfoundedness. I just don’t understand first why kids don’t want to be kids anymore, it was so fun. Second why companies are trying to convince kids not to be kids. Stop and think is that bit of common sense that is not so common.


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