Control-Freak Much?

I am not entirely certain what the purpose of this story will be – I suppose to ask for advice on the situation more than anything.

Over what has now been almost two months of working with these kids, I have caught on fairly quickly to who they are and certain personality traits each of them has. Previously I have elaborated on London’s lovely tendencies, but that is surprisingly not where I am struggling. Georgia, the grade 3 girl, is whom I am finding difficulties managing. Being the older sister of Texas, the youngest boy, I knew from the get-go that she liked to control him and all the lovely traits that all older siblings have (okay maybe not all of them, but definitely a good number). My favourite and first moment of knowing her these past months was the first morning she and Texas came. Texas and Hastings were off fighting somewhere, or likely having some sort of competition with the skipping rope and, upon seeing their antics Georgia turned to Harbour (the oldest girl who is in grade 5) and I, exasperatedly rolled her eyes and sighed, “ughh, boys!” – before she ran off to ‘show them how it’s done properly.”

Now, she is a darling girl with a lot of personality and spunk, but she can be excessively controlling. While trying to boss her brother around is one thing, she has gotten it into her head that if she suggests playing a game that she then gets to make up the rules, dictate how to play, change the rules mid-game whenever she wants, and she has to approve everything anyone else does while playing the game. For the most part it is not too bad, Harbour will sometimes play with the younger kids but is willing to just go with the flow of what Georgia says and Texas is used to being bossed around by his older sister, however Hastings and London have already developed their own ‘alliance’ and I fear for what chaos might ensue if one day they do not agree with something Georgia says. They are both strong-willed kids and, though normally fairly flexible in how they let their games play out, occasionally over react to who-knows-what.

What I am getting at is this: while so far there has been only minimal issues when all the kids are playing together, how is the best way to handle a bossy kid without sounding critical, mean, or angry with them for wanting to control? And how do you handle the situation when the other kids notice she is bossing them around and they do not want to listen to her anymore? Georgia is a good kid and is actually a real sweetheart, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping that she just does not realize how controlling she is trying to be. Help?!


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