Over 100 million songs, I picked 4

OKAY! So, to keep going with this learning project of mine – learning how to choreograph – I left you last that I had yet to decide pretty much all of the details, except how I was going to go about doing it. Here is the big surprise (to those who know me, it is not likely to be that surprising at all), I am going to choreograph (or attempt) a hip hop routine! I have chosen this genre for a number of reasons:

  1. It is significantly easier than trying to do a solo ballroom dance routine
  2. I have 0 idea how to do contemporary or ballet, much less am I flexible enough for that
  3. There is a huge amount of resources
  4. I know a good number of people who are able and willing to help me, whom are extremely talented
  5. It is more fun

That is that.

Second, I will explain the songs I have chosen. It was an internal debate as to how exactly I would go about this, whether I should just pick one song and choreograph the whole thing or mix 3-4 different songs together to make one. I decided to do a mix-up because I have a sneaking suspicion that adding the changes to the music will make it easier for me to also keep the changes in my choreography going and to not get repetitive in the movements. Here’s hoping. I picked 3 songs because I figured 2 would be too few and 4 would be getting on the excessive end of it. The tentative order of songs are as follows:

Beggin’ you – I chose this song because, ever since hearing it in the movie Street Dance back in 2010, I have wanted to choreograph this song myself. Unfortunately I never had the time or ability to put something amazing together for it. I also am starting with this song because the intro is so fascinating and leaves so much room for starting however I would like.

Dum da dum – Now, I am not exactly sure when thought to include this song. It may have been when I heard it on the radio, though I also found an amazing set (piece of choreography) on YouTube as I was browsing for some inspiration. Which of these came first, I am not entirely sure, but either way I decided this song has a nice strong bouncy beat that would be easier to listen to (meaning the beats of each movement would be easier to hear) when feeling out the movements in the choreographing stage.

Mmm yeah – Originally I had another song (Here comes the hotstepper) picked, but as I was listening to music randomly one day I stumbled upon this song and decided it would fit better with the other two. It is also more modern.

Next on my to-do/to-blog-about list includes:

  • Download the songs.
  • Find and use a good, but simple, audio editing tool to mash the songs together (if anyone knows of any please let me know).
  • Browse the Interweb for ideas of choreography, moves, and inspiration. Also, probably have a Step Up marathon.
  • Start breaking down the songs into sections, measures, and beats.


As you may have noticed the title of this blog says that I have chosen 4 songs when in fact, so far, I have only mentioned 3. This is because this last song I found while getting-my-inspiration-on and listening to some ‘heavier’ music, which does not mix well with the songs I had already chose. I DO, however, still want to choreograph something for it, but it will be in a different style of hip hop than the other songs. I will release the song and style of this last song in my next blog. The suspense is unbearable!


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