Fact 24

This fact is being added because I am having a lot of difficulty finding information about online dating and relationships. Also because there is the potential that I have just spent some time avoiding homework and playing DotA 2. If you do not know what DotA 2 is, there is some information here, as well as a Twitter page devoted to, well, DotA 2. This information is mostly useless to the fact today, but the reason I am giving this information will be made clear fairly quickly.

The most played game in the world in 2014 is League of Legends. Basically, League of Legends and DotA are the same game, but they use different game clients and there are some differences in character, user interface, and graphics. More or less, the goal of the game and how you play it is the same. I have played both and am sticking with my DotA 2, which ranks a close 2nd or 3rd with World of Warcraft (it depends on which website I look, but I think they are about the same). Here and here are the two different statistics I have found.

Also, each hyperlink in the first paragraph is actually to individual pages with more information about DotA, for those who are interested.

And here is some proof how amazing I am!

And here is some proof how amazing I am!


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