I do not have the attention span for this

Despite my impeccable ability to procrastinate, I have finally built up the motivation to post a couple more ‘substantial’ blog posts – aside from my fact-of-the-day posts. I have also realized how easily I can get distracted and my inability to multitask very well in these last couple of weeks. A lot of learning has occurred.

Just over a week ago now I decided to participate in the weekly (Thursday nights) Saskatchewan educators chat on Twitter (check out their ongoing conversation HERE). Going into this event I had very little idea about what to expect. It is also important to note that, while I am realizing the potential of Twitter used in a professional way, I would not consider myself an avid Twitter user and I am still learning the ropes. Now in my ECMP 355 course one of the instructors, maybe both I am not sure, mentioned using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to be able to watch the conversation more easily. I got started with Tweetdeck because, as I believe, it is actually created by Twitter and I figured that would make it safer, or rather I just felt more comfortable with the idea. Finally, I got my Tweetdeck all set up with the hashtags I wanted to follow and was prepared for this thing to start, with about 5 mins to spare.

Screenshot of my Tweetdeck set up. Really high-tech, I know.

Screenshot of my Tweetdeck set up. Really high-tech, I know.

Originally, I had seen that the genius hour conversation was also fairly active and was thinking I would go ahead and participate in both, however once people began trickling into the Saskedchat I quickly realized I am highly unsuccessful at multitasking. The topic for Saskedchat was student lead conferences. A lot of the conversation was a bit lost to me, however I did learn some interesting techniques to shift into this, rather than taking up the majority of the time talking in a more teacher lead conference. This was a rather interesting conversation as well because as I was in school I do not really remember anything other than me, as a student, leading the parent-teacher conferences. The others in the chat were incredible helpful and answered all of my (seemingly) stupid questions and even gave some advice, which was greatly appreciated. All-in-all I learned a lot about a lot of different things, and had a good first experience with Twitter chats. I also got a few more followers and was able to follow other educators/knowledgeable people as well – I am basically popular. Just kidding.

I will also go on to say that I enjoyed it so much that I went on to participate in it again this week, and was able to discuss student learning spaces and how to make your classroom work well for the students and be interactive. There were definitely a lot of good ideas I will have to write down and keep for later, in case I ever get a classroom of my own. I  have to say, the idea of a loft in a classroom is really sticking with me.

It is definitely a cool experience to participate in a Twitter chat, even if it is not Saskedchat. There are a ton of other chats going on, both educational and not I would imagine, that can really get you thinking.

If anyone has any other chats they have participated in or that they recommend please leave a comment and I will try to check them out, as well as some other ones based on my interests as and we will see how those go.

A quick snip-it of the conversation last week!

A quick snip-it of the conversation last week!


2 thoughts on “I do not have the attention span for this

    • What were they? I have so far had zero luck looking for one for Dance Education, which is my major and concurrent degree. I also have yet to find a French Immersion chat


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