Quickly running out of time, and steam

20 days, 21 hours, and 33 minutes until my first final exam. Where has this semester gone? Now, I do not know about any other students out there but I am really starting to feel the heat. Two weeks of actual classes left and I am left wondering how to cram these last few group projects, portfolios, assignments, chapter notes, field logs, blog posts and miscellaneous work into the next 14 days. On the note of blog posts, I am not sure if this qualifies as ‘relevant to the class’ but I feel this is something I really need some assistance with.

How does anyone find the time to be actively involved online? In all seriousness, I am finding it incredibly difficult to put the amount of time into my online presence and I feel I should be. Upon taking the ECMP 355 “Introduction to computers in the classroom” course this semester, I do feel it is important to be an active participant with other educators, if I choose to go towards a career as a teacher. Unfortunately I am finding it really difficult to keep up to date with all of the educational blogs, Twitter chats, and other things that I should be following and reading to be successful. Perhaps it is my procrastination and perfectionism (that I try) when writing a good, well thought, blog post. It could also be that I try not to just skim articles before sharing them with the class. Throughout this semester I have also been exposed to a number of teachers, educators, and other students throughout the province, country and internationally, that are seemingly always on Twitter or posting really interesting blogs.

20 days, 21 hours, and 17 minutes.

This is not so much an informative post, as so much as that I am just searching for solutions, gasping for air, trying to find a better way to remain active online, without spending all day online. If you have a method or schedule of how you manage your days to incorporate technology please leave a comment and let me know how you do it. Even if you have not got it down pat, please feel free to throw some options out there for how I might be able to improve my professional learning network and digital citizenship. I am even wanting to read any stories of failure and what did not work for you.

20 days, 21 hours, and 11 minutes to go.



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