I commend anyone who can actually edit audio clips

I am still plugging away at my choreography – I promise! From my last post I had a short to do list of what I would get done for this post. While for the research/inspiration/planning I have actually continued passed just this list, however I was stuck for quite a while on the audio editing and felt it was important to unveil the full compilation of the songs.

Has anyone ever actually successfully used an audio editing application? I found that there were innumerable different websites with different programs that were seemingly all the same. Scanning through the list I would randomly select one and try it out to see if it was easy enough for what I needed. Eventually I became sick of this method and realized that I am simply really bad at using audio editors, so I did what any sane person would do at this point – I called up my good friend and asked (told him in a very polite way) if he could help me cut a couple of songs together. He is one of those guys that, when searching for something it is somehow always the first thing he looks at and makes you seem silly for not trying it. Yeah. In the end we used Audacity, which looked like it was made for Windows 98, but it worked really well nevertheless. Originally I was thinking I would screen cast editing the clips together, until I realized it was taking way longer than my naïve mind had anticipated. Finally, out came the end result with not too bad of transitions, not perfect but they are definitely better than if I had tried to do it on my own. My mashed up version of the songs can be found HERE if you are not able to see the YouTube link below. Also, as said on the video, I feel the need to remind everyone that none of these sounds are actually mine. I am not that talented.

So after cringing at that first transition, the second one was not too bad, right? Maybe? Okay so that is that. Also, aside from watching all of the Step Up movies, here are a few videos that also led to a bit of my inspiration. Remember, please feel free to send me any videos or choreographers you think are good. I will take all of the resources I can get my hands on. Please post the link into the comments or tag me on twitter @SaraBeth1008.

This clip includes various scenes from the movie, in which I first heard this song. Street Dance is basically a European Step Up.

YouTube does wonderful things. This is simply a video I found when searching for the song. Some of it I like and some of it I don’t, but it definitely shows some possibility for this rhythm.

Now, I am in love with this choreography by Dustin Pym. I am seriously hoping to incorporate some aspects of these steps into my dance. This is all assuming I am ever able to successfully do them.

As far as the Austin Mahone song goes, I could not find any particularly good choreography that I really liked, however here are a few more videos of other inspiration I have found (not to mention watching So You Think You Can Dance).

While you’re at it go ahead and check out all the Continual Surrender stuff, it is all amazing.

I really struggled which video to actually share here, however I would highly recommend checking out this choreographer’s whole channel HERE because he is incredibly talented and is always releasing new routines.

These guys are crazy.

I suppose I should end with the highly anticipated (by me) announcement of my extra song. Hopefully, if not by the end of this semester, over Christmas break I will find the time to put something together for this song because it is so fun. As you will be able to tell by listening to it, however, it does not exactly fit into the other songs I had chosen – I will likely make it a lot rougher in the movements and dancing style. This song was featured in the first Step Up movie, I believe, and it is just one of those songs I can not get out of my head. So here it is:


3 thoughts on “I commend anyone who can actually edit audio clips

  1. Sounds really great for just learning! I’m a bit of a self taught sound editor myself. I cut all of my own music for all of the rhythmic gymnastics routines I choreograph each year (so anywhere from 30-40 pieces a year). When I first learned I used Wave Pad. It’s a free download. On my Mac I’ll use GarageBand for quick edits. I’ve since “graduated” to some pro software, Cubase 5, by Steinberg. That reminds me, I’ve gotta do an edit fix on a piece for class tonight! Ha! Let me know if you need some more help though! It’s really all about listening to the beats and finding the beat of the next piece to match up right. Remember to count in 4s or 8s to get it to come out sounding the best (since the majority of music is in 4/4 time)!


    • Yeah! Thank you for those tips Kendra! I was definitely not as concerned about my audio editing as I probably should have been. Maybe that will be my next learning project! I was really struggling between the first and second song to find the right place to cut it. Where I originally had it was horrendous so I actually had to add another few (8 I think) measures in to get to a somewhat decent cut. My issue was while the beats where obvious, he would start the next line on the ‘and’ of 4 so if I would keep getting some lyrics from the next verse or chorus into the cut. Brutal. Thanks for this tips though! I will definitely consult you for any further questions!


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