Scratch scratch scratch…it’s like chicken pox all over again!

I have been thinking of something clever to say as the introduction to this post but quite frankly, there is a week left of Fall semester and I am mentally pooped – no witty remarks tonight.

More to the point, so for my ECMP 355 course  we were asked to explore Scratch and try our hand at the type of coding they have to offer. The reason I compared it to chicken pox is because coding is something that seems like such a bother while you are doing it and starting out, but once it is done it is such a relief that you have gotten it out of the way, and it is not so scary anymore. I will also state I was going to throw in a screenshot of their homepage, however the screenshot button on my keyboard keeps freezing my computer so you will just have to go check it out for yourself. Here is the link to the beautiful code I created, so go ahead and check it out. As well, I have made a lovely screen-cast, for those who just don’t want to be adventurous. Actually, even if you click the link maybe watch my screen-cast too because it explains a lot more about how I did it.

So that is a pretty good overview of what Scratch is and how it can be used. It is a pretty interesting tool and I really get how it can be used in an education setting. In today’s world, knowing how to code, even really basic things, is such an asset and important thing to understand. How can you fully use technology without trying to understand how it really is working or what it is doing? Even just using it as a fun ‘extra’ in the classroom could be very beneficial to the students, getting to work step-by-step through the events of what is happening.

Overall I am definitely a fan of coding and its usefulness in the ‘real world’. Honestly, if I was not already taking three degrees with my next one planned, I might look into computer science or engineering or something. It is really interesting stuff, but it does take some time to get into and it is one of those things where you really should start from the beginning and not just jump in randomly.

Also, as stated in my screen-cast, if you have any suggestions or ideas for how to fix that bug of not being able to say no, or anything other than a positive response, please leave a comment or tweet me @SaraBeth1008.


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