Pictures and stories, two of my favourite things!



Here is my attempt at a few 6 word stories, as suggested in my ECMP355 class. See if you can caption either of these pictures yourself or try your own 6 word story. Please feel free to leave a compliment and let me know what you think!
Mom with a field mouseA bit of a back story behind this picture – it might explain why my mom is holding, much less pretending to eat, a field mouse. In February 2014, my mom and I, along with some family and friends, took a 2 week trip to Africa. There, we met a young man named Godfrey who we got to know. He shared with us that his favourite snack is boiled field mice and, upon finding this dead mouse outside a church event one evening, she insisted I take this picture and send it to him.

I love my juiceThis photo was taken when I found that juice was on sale for $1 at Wal-Mart. I may or may not have taken it to send to a friend, bragging that I got juice for $1.


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